PF JonasSmits

Business Developer

I am Jonas Smits, currently playing at HC Eindhoven H1. The creation of Roots Hockey stems from the ‘passion’ for hockey and originated at the kitchen table. For me the message ‘Never Forget Your Roots’ has several beautiful meanings and connections with our brand. Developing something from the drawing board to the end product is something that brings me great satisfaction.

PF PleunvanderPlas

Pleun van der Plas

My name is Pleun van der Plas, 23 years old, living, working and studying in Rotterdam. My big passion is hockey and with great pleasure I play at Den Bosch ladies 1, the European and national champions in 2018. My hockey gear is essential for my performance. With pride and joy I therefore wear “roots”, a very nice and stylish brand, which carries with it a beautiful message: ‘Never Forget Your Roots’, which in my opinion is a nice summary of my personality and way to the top.

PF IngmarBakermans 1

Ingmar Bakermans
Business Developer

I am Ingmar Bakermans, currently playing at MHC Best men 1. The love for hockey has arisen early on me because as a little boy I was taken along by my parents to the hockey field. This is why the slogan: ‘Never Forget Your Roots’ fits well with me. I’ll never forget where the love for hockey once started with me.

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