Roots Hockey B.V. does their best to deliver only quality products. Our products are always guaranteed in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Despite our care and attention it can happen that an article from the factory already contains a defect. In this instance, please follow the process below:

  • Please send an email to: with the subject ‘Warranty Application’.
  • The email has to clearly state your name, order number, a clear description and photo(s) of the product, clearly showing the defect.

Warranty assessments

We cannot guarantee the warranty of your product until it is inspected and determined to be under warranty. Our experts will then assess your request and you will then receive instructions in your email re the process going forward. Once we have ascertained that the warranty is probable, and we have received the defect product, we will send you a replacement product if it is available. If we are unable to provide you with the same color and model, we will provide one of equal or greater value.
If we find that the item does not fall under the warranty conditions, the product will be returned to you at your cost and without monetary reimbursement.
We will, however, contact you to see if we can find a mutually-acceptable, and suitable solution

What are manufacturing defects?

These are product defects which do not arise from incorrect use, wear and tear, or no-or bad maintenance. For instance, we cover a broken stick wich is defined as one literally in two or more pieces which is usually either the shaft of the stick or the head of the stick. Your stick can also be deemed as broken and illegal for play by a certified umpire. In this case, we will require the name and contact information for that umpire and we will contact them directly.

The warranty on hockey sticks is void if:

We do not deem the following as manufacturing defects and they are thus not covered by our guarantee: loose grips, paint chips, scratches and nicks, worn heel, loose material inside composite sticks, rattles or vibrations which are the result of normal use, the hook is worn down by natural wear and tear, or any other cosmetic damage.

Guarantee conditions related to hockey sticks:

  1. The warranty period on senior sticks is 3 months. Stick fractures are only guaranteed if there is a manufacturing defect
  2. No guarantee is provided on youth hockey sticks and indoor sticks
  3. On consumer goods such as clothing and bags the guarantee term is 3 months.

    Notice: it is not unusual for hockey players who work out several times a week and play matches, that two or more hockey sticks per season wear out. Sand fields can wear out the curl. Hockey is a contact sport, and it is normal that the sticks make heavy contact against each other and may break.


  1. If, within a 14-day period after receiving your order, you find that on closer inspection you do not want the product, you can return it to us. To do this, you must contact our Customer Service Department on telephone +31(0)499 745069 and they will help you with the return process and will explain to you the return conditions in detail.
  2. Please note that returns are only accepted if the original packaging and content including the product label are undamaged. The cost for return shipment is at your expense.
  3. When you receive your order, you should immediately check the product for visible defects. In case of confirmed (visible or invisible) defects you should contact the Customer Service Department and they will further explain the return process and applicable conditions to you. They will confirm this with you by email.
  4. Please include a printout of the mail in which our Customer Service Department confirms the return of your package, so that everything can be accounted for by Roots Hockey B.V. We recommend that you keep the dispatch evidence for your own records.
  5. In case of breakage or incorrectly delivered items, you can choose to be reimbursed to your credit card or bank account or whether you would like the original item sent back to you.
  6. In case of breakage we do this only if the breakage is reported on the next business day following on the day on which your product is delivered. We therefore expect you to check your package immediately upon receipt for any breakages. Sending you the product again is only possible if the product is in stock.
  7. Adjustment of the amount to be paid or return of the amount already paid is as follows:
    a. iDeal: within a week after receipt of your return shipment, your money will be deposited into your account
    b. Creditcard: within 7 days after receipt of your return shipment the money is automatically refunded on your credit card account.